Vice Lord Lieutenant & Deputy Lieutenants

The Vice Lord Lieutenant of the County Borough of Belfast is Sir Nigel Hamilton KCB.

Former head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Sir Nigel is currently involved in several business and charitable organisations.

Deputy Lieutenants

Deputy Lieutenants support the role and work of the Lord Lieutenant and Vice Lord Lieutenant

  • Prof Alastair ADAIR
  • Prof Martin BRADLEY
  • Mr Mark CAMPBELL
  • Dr Nigel CARR
  • Dr John COLLINS
  • Mrs Patricia CORBETT
  • Sir Donnell DEENY
  • Mr Adrian DONALDSON
  • Prof Ian GREER
  • Dame Judith HILL
  • Dr Alan LOGAN
  • Mrs Michele MARKEN
  • Mr Michael MACLARAN
  • Dr Philip MCGARRY
  • Mr Nick PRICE
  • Mr Walter RADER
  • The Very Rev. Dr. Frank SELLAR
  • Mr Mukesh SHARMA
  • Prof. Mark SHERIDAN
  • Mrs Anthea SMYTH
  • Mr Dawson STELFOX
  • Mrs Jane WELLS
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